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"Excellent...A real page turner...This is a fine story and is well told."

- MainlyMysteries.com


"A refreshing combination of a terrific story and deep human emotions. Laurel Dewey puts her heart into her fiction and touches the reader. Who said suspense can't be smart? Who said page turning can't be thoughtful? Dewey's novel is all that and more."

--M.J. Rose, internationally bestselling author of


"Jane Perry fans will find Redemption a worthy follow-up to Protector."



"I loved it and can’t wait for book three."

--Armchair Interviews


"Jane remains a kick butt heroine ...fans will enjoy this powerful suspense thriller..."

--Genre Go Around Reviews


"Redemption is another fine offering from Dewey."

--Midwest Book Review


"I took my time reading this book, actually savoring every page as it is possibly the best book I have read in a couple years. This is a mystery with a very neat spiritual component as well as terrific characters, a great plot and interactions/insights between numerous characters which are extremely well done."

--TCM Reviews


"(Jane Perry) is a strong woman who cares about the victims and uses her wits and instincts to tackle her way through extreme circumstances. Dewey has given readers a page-turning tale of mystery with colorful characters in this second Jane Perry book. I can't wait to see what Jane will do next!"

--Review The Book


"(REDEMPTION) is a journey of spirit, heart, and mind for Jane Perry"

--Meanderings and Muses Blog

Quotes from the Book

“Call it fate or coincidence, but isn’t a coincidence simply a co-incident?”

-Kit Clark

“There’s nothing more tedious than listening to drunks prattle on about redemption! It’s like paying a whore to read you the Book of Revelations.”

-Jane Perry

“Spending time with Bartosh is like being awake during your own surgery... He’s as much fun as root canal without the positive outcome! At least with root canal, the agony eventually stops.”

-Kit Clark

“When you let go, Jane, you don’t fall into the void. You can fall into the hand of God.”

-Kit Clark

“Knowing oneself is a luxury.”

- Jane Perry

“Knowing oneself is freedom.”

- Kit Clark

“If you’re smart, you finally figure out that your destiny was never about what you accomplished, but rather, who you loved and who loved you.”

- Kit Clark

“When you take your last few breaths, you should rest your eyes on the one you love and let that love carry you to the other side.”

-Kit Clark

“Seek contentment rather than happiness. Contentment holds water. Happiness leaks.”

-Kit Clark




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