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Industry Reviews for Protector

“Laurel Dewey’s debut novel, PROTECTOR, combines a fascinating metaphysical slant to a traditional crime drama. The result is a unique, entertaining, emotionally powerful, deftly crafted, highly recommended work that will leave the reader looking eagerly toward Laurel's next foray into the mystery/suspense genre.”

Midwest Book Review


“The remarkable thing about Protector is the underlying message that even those with the most deep-seated issues, those who seem terminally flawed, can rise above their problems to accomplish things no one thought possible, least of all themselves. Protector is a fast-paced thriller that is an absolute must read for anyone who loves suspense. (It) will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last moment.”

Web Weekly


“As a reviewer who is accustomed to reading the big, bold and commercialized offerings, it always comes as an amazing and sweet delight to run across a new author who can knock these bad boys/girls off the shelves. Dewey does this and more…(She) offers up a tale of a connection between woman and child that will break your heart, a mystery that will challenge your intellect, and the promise of redemption that will remind you to hope. A beautiful and deeply satisfying novel... ”

New Mystery Reader Magazine


“This is a first-rate suspense novel. Laurel Dewey is a fresh, exciting voice with a new perspective on the genre and a three-dimensional heroine who is flawed, infuriating, and utterly affecting. Protector is one of the most exciting and moving novels I’ve read in years.”

Lou Aronica
The Fiction Studio


"The plot is quick and brutal, the characters deep and well-developed. Protector is a must read book for suspense lovers everywhere. Laurel Dewey has crafted a story both touching and riveting."

- Simegen.com (five stars)


"Laurel Dewey makes an impressive debut with Protector, a gripping thriller that goes far beyond the requirements of the suspense/crime genre to provide penetrating psychological insight into the human condition. She combines her riveting tale with emotionally probing psychological analysis that resonates in the reader long after the case is solved. Dewey’s heroine, Detective Jane Perry, is as real as a fictional character can get. Action filled, spell-binding and even spine-tingling, the plot will seize and hold the attention of any thrill seeker. Dewey’s work is about how to help us all to let go of whatever towrope we’re hanging onto."

- Janet Hamilton
Myshelf.com Reviews


"Laurel Dewey has crafted a memorable tale full of mystery and emotion in this debut novel...(She) spins a fantastic suspense yarn, but this story is driven by the relationship of (the main characters). Protector will tug at your heartstrings as Dewey reminds us of the importance of family and relationships. This is an outstanding beginning to what is sure to be a successful writing career for Laurel Dewey."

Jake Chism
Armchair Interviews


"Laurel Dewey writes a hard-edged thriller with plenty of mystery and intrigue...Dewey presents a rough-around-the-edges lead character with real problems and emotional dysfunctions and deftly takes us along on the journey as Jane Perry finds her inner strength, despite her own horrific childhood, to help another child...Ultimately, it's a story of a woman coming face to face with her own deepest fears, and the ride is a wild one."

Curled Up With A Good Book


“I had to keep reading. There are so many mysteries that seemed to be tangled into one. Anyone who likes a page-turning mystery will love PROTECTOR.”



“Dewey is a talented writer who shows a flair for creating edgy crime fiction with a strong psychological component and an interesting mystical dimension. (She) has discovered a worthy (story) in Protector, a crime novel featuring an interesting supernatural twist that sets it apart from the traditional mystery.”

TCM Reviews


“Laurel Dewey's debut mystery novel, PROTECTOR, is an exciting, intriguing, and sometimes frightening thriller. Though the mystery in PROTECTOR is about the investigation of the gruesome murders of five people who appear to be innocent victims and the intense search for the criminals responsible, the heart of the novel concerns Detective Jane Perry and nine year old Emily Lawrence, the child she has sworn to protect. It is the relationship between Jane and Emily that makes PROTECTOR a great novel and a fabulous mystery.”

Mysterious Reviews


“Laurel Dewey's debut novel, Protector, is an exciting crime thriller that has a hint of the sixth sense. (It) is surprisingly realistic in depicting the darkness of the human psyche. Dewey captures the flawed personalities of the characters really well, especially that of the heroine, Detective Jane Perry. (She) was one of the most memorable characters I've read about in a long time. (Protector) is an excellent tale of suspense that intensifies... I enjoyed the novel immensely...”

Blog Critics


“A nicely drawn thriller with a few twists of the paranormal to keep the plot interesting... this is a fast-paced journey into the private hell of an abused child grown into adulthood.”

Monsters and Critics


"Protector is a roller coaster ride of emotion, flowing from the extremes of hard-edged police work to abuse to motherhood and loss?(It) is a gritty crime drama to the core. This is definitely one of those novels that is made for the big screen."

Front Street Reviews


"Hang on for a fast-paced thriller that will grip you first page to last! PROTECTOR is an extremely fast-paced, page-turning, jaw-clenching story. The reader is pulled into living the story with the characters. If you like suspenseful thrillers, you will love this one."

Fresh Fiction


“Laurel Dewey has created a realistic heroine in Jane Perry. PROTECTOR is quite fast-paced, and the climax rushes at the reader at full tilt. Readers of suspense novels will enjoy this author, and this heroine.”

Roundtable Reviews


“Dewey writes with a raw intensity that literally jumps off the pages and draws the reader in from start to finish. PROTECTOR is a roller coaster ride of startling twists and shocking turns that you just won’t see coming. Unique, mystic, and almost exhausting, PROTECTOR will have you glued to its pages from beginning to end.”

Vicki Landes, author of “Europe for the Senses – A Photographic Journal”


“Laurel Dewey has crafted a well-told story with totally believable characters. You may even find yourself getting more involved with this story more than others of this type. Look for this one and put Laurel Dewey on your “must read” for her future offerings.”

Baryon Reviews, #106


“Protector totally blew me away. Totally and completely…I ended the book in tears, and wanting to be able to read more about Jane Perry immediately so I sure hope this is going to be a series.”

Kaye Barley, DorothyL Reviews


“Protector takes the traditional crime drama and blends it with the metaphysical to become an intensifying debut novel. (This) is a crime thriller that is both powerful and emotional...”

Quality Book Review


Reader Quotes

"Spellbinding! Enthralling! Mesmerizing! Riveting! Gripping! Engrossing! Captivating! Protector is so well written that one is instantly transported into the story. Jane & Emily’s emotions, thoughts, & expressions become so real you feel as if you know them personally. I could not put it down once I started. Find a comfortable spot, make sure you have time to spare, relax, and get ready as Protector draws you in deeper & deeper into this powerful & unforgettable novel! Laurel Dewey has a very special gift. I can’t wait to read her next book!"
--Denise Fitch, Fallbrook, CA

"Wow! I just finished Protector last night and it is a fantastic book! Protector is SO good on many levels. There's a depth to the writing that I rarely see in fiction anymore. The deep conflict and pain of the main character, Detective Jane Perry, is so real. Laurel Dewey has created such a deeply woven story of people who strangely interlock. I loved the relationship Jane Perry has with the child, Emily Lawrence. Their connection was beautiful and the story that emerges out of their relationship is nothing short of profound. I didn't want it to end!"
--Donna Fau

"I received PROTECTOR two days ago. I just finished it and absolutely could not put it down until the end. I have never had a book grab me like this one! Excellent!!!! I'm passing it onto my book club with four star reviews!"
--Jill, Colorado

"I couldn't put PROTECTOR down. Finished it last night and still am thinking about it. That is a sign of a very well written book. Laurel's characters are so well developed that one seems to know them intimately. Please tell me there's going to be a sequel to PROTECTOR. I didn't want it to end!"
--D. Farris, California

"I'm not usually a fan of psychological thrillers but I absolutely loved PROTECTOR. Laurel's writing style is awesome and her dialogue is eloquent. The relationship between Detective Jane Perry and the child, Emily, was unpredictable and always entertaining. I love Jane Perry! Love her! She's flawed and abrasive but she's the only one I'd want protecting me if I was in trouble."
--G. Jackson, Illinois

"People talk about page turners but PROTECTOR truly IS one. I didn't guess the big twist and was shocked in the final pages. Totally cool! This would make such a great movie!"

"PROTECTOR affected me on such a deep way, I can hardly explain it. Detective Jane Perry's heartbreaking life moved me to tears more than once. She's one of the purest, most real characters I've read in modern fiction in a long time. The way Laurel connected all the various characters and story elements was effortless and awe inspiring. I want to read more and more of Laurel Dewey's writing."
--C. Windsor, Arizona

“The best word I can think of for this book is "riveting." I could not put it down and finished it in 24 hours. I can't remember when I felt that way about a book! It was most intriguing to begin with because I lived around the corner from Milwaukee Street where the main character, Jane Perry, lives and I knew all the landmarks mentioned. The plot was so exciting that I was actually sad when it came to the end!”
--Dorie Furman, Denver, Colorado

“This is one great book. I was hooked from page one and couldn't put the book down. The characters were wonderfully developed: Jane, the hardboiled detective with a heartbreaking childhood history, and Emily, the bright and beautiful child who lived through horrors that no child should do. The story itself kept me just about glued to the book! It was that good! Is there a series in the works for Jane Perry???”
--Cam Grizmala, South Carolina

"I have just finished reading this book and found it absorbing, provoking, challenging, gritty and satisfying. When I finished it, all I could say was “Wow! What a book!”

The plot is fast moving and exciting, with many twists and turns but the stories behind the story, the emotional upheavals, the psychological impacts, and the tantalizing threads of metaphysical unfoldings are very powerful and grabbed me on many different levels.

All the characters are well drawn, giving clear pictures of their personalities, but Jane, the Protector and Emily, the silent witness, are fascinating and really pulled me into the depths of their challenges. I found myself eager for them to win through and overcome their personal fears, flaws and tragedies. To me, that was equally as important as solving the intricate murders.

This book defies classification in the normal genres. I think it is starting a genre of its own because it covers a variety of bases: thriller, murder mystery, metaphysical tingler, plus psychological and emotional impact. At the end, the unlikely winner is love - the love of one human being for another.

I could not put this book down, and highly recommend it to anyone who likes substance to their reading.
--Zoe Topping, England

“What a fabulous mystery! Protector captured my attention on page one and I didn’t want to put it down until the final page! It is a real page-turner! My heart was in my throat numerous times as the mystery unfolded. I was totally caught up in the story and I found myself reading as fast as I could while continually trying to guess the identity of the actual perpetrator. Ms. Dewey periodically introduced fresh evidence that sent my mind racing down new avenues as I tried to decipher the clues and solve the mystery. Ms. Dewey’s use of words and her command of the language are excellent. She has presented us with a real and fascinating character in the form of Jane Perry with whom I have become very fond. I hope that Laurel Dewey has more adventures starring Jane to share with us. I look forward to reading more!”
--Linda, Vermont

"What a great job. Totally enjoyed the book. I read lots of books and I have to tell you, Laurel is now up there with my favorites. It was so much fun to read. Gotta tell you, I didn't figure out who the murderer was at first and it took me by surprise. Hope to see many more books from Laurel!"
--Barb Elko

"In my opinion, Protector is a masterful, metaphysical thriller. I teared up many times while reading, not just from the compelling story but from the esoteric insight that Laurel Dewey so deftly penned. This is not JUST a mystery. This is not JUST a whodunit. This is a powerful story of a woman and a child who come together under the most horrific circumstances and must face their greatest fears in order to survive. I cannot remember when a book has affected me this deeply. Bravo! And may there be many more books by Laurel Dewey!"
--G. Linney, Minnesota

“At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked Detective Jane Perry. She was so rough and messed up in the beginning of Protector. But her story kept me reading until I found myself feeling so much compassion for her. By the middle of the book, she became oddly likeable and by the end of the book, I honestly wanted to call her a friend. Truthfully, I’ve never had such a range of emotion (from dislike to really liking) a character in a book like I have with Jane Perry and I really do want to read more of her adventures.”
--Taylor Burton, Chicago

“WOW! I wanted you to know how much I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't wait to finish it to see who the killer was. I didn't see that one coming!”
--Judith Milton, Louisiana

“Protector was so good. I could have read it in one sitting but then I would have missed the wisdom and insight that make the book exceptional. I liked thinking along with Jane.”
--Mary Kidd, Georgia

“I absolutely loved every minute of Protector. Full of suspense, it is a touching, exciting, can't put it down read."
--Ann Blake, West Virginia

“I LOVED this book and I hated this book. I loved it because once I started I could NOT put it down and I hated it for the same reason. Protector was my before bed reading for two nights in a row. I finished this book faster than any I have read in many years (hence the hate part.) Even though I was dog tired I just could NOT put it down. Laurel is a MUCH better writer than Patterson or Woods. Don't stop!!! When can we expect her next book?"
--Linda L. Bankard, Simi Valley, CA

“I was hooked from the first page. Jane starts out as an unlikable and unlikely heroine and winds up as one of my favorites. I can't wait for the next book!"
--Stephanie Stanfield, PhD, Colorado

“My first thought when I finished THE PROTECTOR was, what's next? What will happen to Jane? Will she have more of these paranormal ‘gut instincts’ about other cases? I surely hope so. I'm ready to read the next chapter of Jane's life. What a read! Thank you so much, Laurel Dewey!"
--Glendel Williams, Parsons, Kansas

“I LOVED it!! I was moved by it because I related in so many ways. I loved both the plot and character development. As well as learning only what Laurel wanted us to know as it was revealed. I'm a member of AA and found the detailed drinking descriptions accurate. I too have suffered from PTSD and found the flashback descriptions real. EXCELLENT!"
--Stephanie Cull, Concord, Ohio

"The book was hard to leave at home when I had to go to work! Jane was so real, feet of clay and all. It was wonderful to see Jane's nuturing side develop as she interacted with Emily. I wish I could write a review like the ones already on your website; the most glowing one barely expresses how much I enjoyed Protector and how very much I look forward to the next one."
--Louise Butler, Oregon

"Protector is the best & most original book I've read this year.I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. Will there be another book about Jane Perry & when will it be released? There has to be a sequel! Keep up the good work.....you have talent!"
--L. Allen



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