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"What lies buried in the mind is destined to be revealed..."

Laurel Dewey’s eagerly awaited debut fiction novel is a gritty, crime thriller with a paranormal edge. Detective Jane Perry has an almost psychic instinct for solving some of Denver, Colorado’s most emotionally jarring homicides. Known as “The Blue Sense” by cops, Jane has learned to keep her intuitive gift low-key. But now that insight has taken on a new, more disturbing twist.

Ever since the car bombing and murder of a family Jane and her partner were protecting, she has been plagued with disconnected images that predict events yet to happen. One of Jane’s disturbing visions inexplicably leads to nine-year-old Emily Lawrence. The traumatized child is thought to have witnessed the brutal stabbing death of her parents but is unable to remember anything about that gruesome moment. Jane and Emily form a deep bond, unaware that they share a fateful connection.

When the killer makes a bold attempt on Emily’s life, Jane is chosen as the child’s sole protector. However, Jane’s disturbing visions continue and seem to portend a tragic end to the child’s life. In order to solve this horrific crime, Jane must come face-to-face with her greatest fear in order to save Emily.

“Protector” is a character-driven, paranormal thriller that captures the reader’s attention from the first chapter and lingers on the psyche long after the last page is turned.