How many secrets does it take to curse a family?
How many revelations does it take to
set them free?

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“I think, therefore, I’m dangerous. I observe, therefore, I’m worthy of suspicion. Odd, isn’t it, that thinking has become a liability in our society.”

“I don’t believe in atheists...If God resides in every one of us, then isn’t an atheist just someone who doesn’t believe in himself?”

“What if everything you ever believed was false? What if you’ve lived a lie your whole life because you were carrying that lie for someone you might not even know existed? What if your pain and suffering wasn’t all your own? If you found out the truth, would your world crumble or would you emerge transformed?”

“I despise the word hope. It keeps you waiting at the door long after you’ve rung the bell.”

“Consider for one second who staked their claim in this great country: conquerors, explorers and Puritans. When they all started screwing each other, confusion ensued. When your nation is born from a Puritan fornicating with a conqueror, you’re guaranteed to have deep issues.”

“Illusions die hard and the status quo dies even harder.”

“There are two things people can’t handle—death and the truth.”

“How much of what you believe and act on is purely an illusion? How many necessary illusions exist in order to keep us all paralyzed?”

“Awareness is a demanding mistress. Once she wakes you up, she won’t let you go back to sleep.”

“You don’t know much about a man, do you? If you did, you’d know that a man’s territory is wherever he’s standing. A man learns to own that.”

“Most women who leave a man to find themselves, end up finding themselves in the arms of another man because truly finding yourself is a lonely and terrifying proposition.”

“I can outthink most people...with my left brain tied behind my back.”

“Original thinkers are as common as a rotary phone.”

“I don’t question the belief in God. I question the humanity of those who believe in Him.”

“You don’t have relationships, Jane! You take hostages!”

“Mark my words, every single person on this earth is carrying the heartbeat of another in their bloodline.”

“Every story is only half told. It’s what’s not revealed that carries the meat.”

“Home is where the heartache is. Home is where the secrets hide.”

“Do you believe in evil because you believe in the Devil or because you’ve seen evil with your own eyes?”

“Ignorance is bliss but the ignorant are too stupid to recognize their bliss by virtue of their ignorance. If that ain’t irony, I don’t know what is!”

“Two people look at a bridge. One sees a place to jump and the other sees a place to cross over. But when it’s all said and done, it’s still just a bridge. It’s our perception that gives it power.”

“No one loves a martyr except the Church. To everyone else, they’re just dusty bores.”

“But I’ll be damned if they’re going to lead me toward desperation because I don’t believe in desperation. It always leads to compliance!”




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