How many secrets does it take to curse a family?
How many revelations does it take to
set them free?

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“Laurel Dewey combines mystery, mysticism, secrets and revelations in a riveting story that takes Jane Perry down her own rabbit hole.” — Lesa’s Book Critiques

“A baffling case, a mysterious town and a main protagonist whom you will instantly love, even while you disapprove of her many flaws. Revelations is a page-turner, at the same time being an emotional and even a powerful book . A must read for thriller/suspense fans!” — My Love Affair With Books

“This was a great thriller... If you like your thrillers fast pace and a page-turner then you will like this book.” — A Room Without Books Is Empty

“I fell in love with Jane Perry's character right away...I enjoy reading a book that I cant figure out the ending to...Its refreshing to be surprised by a book.” — Reading Between The Wines

“There's more than mystery to Laurel Dewey's latest novel, third in the Jane Perry series. There's riveting suspense. There's gruesome horror. Best (or worst) of all, there's that frightening so-close-to-home shot that had me shivering and assuring myself that all of this was fiction—only fiction.” — Miraculous

“(Laurel Dewey) is definitely able to hold her own against the big boys…I highly recommend this novel...” — Literary R&R

“I VERY highly recommend this book!...I was really blown away by the writing in this one! It’s a great crime thriller, with intense suspense, strange small town characters, and even a little romance. I LOVED the ending and I’m really hoping for more Jane Perry novels!” — Life In Review

“This is a thrilling, suspenseful and at times mystifying read. Laced with horror, this book calls out to the thriller junkie in all of us as we see secrets bared, and what lengths one will go to keep everything buried.” — Lost For Words

“I absolutely loved this book. ...the action is nonstop, the secrets and layer upon layer connect to just about everyone is ways you won't believe!  Start reading early because you won't be able to put the book down!”— Reading, Reading and Life

“...a top-notch mystery that kept me flipping the pages, I found this a book that I couldn't put down.” — WV Stitche

“Fabulous mystery, I highly recommend this novel!!” — Confessions of a Real Librarian

“Like the last Jane Perry novel, I had trouble putting this down! It's very hard to remember that it's only a story—it just draws you into it's depth.” — Hott Books

“Jane Perry is just plain gutsy. If you enjoy murder mysteries full of suspense with just a bit of the paranormal, you will enjoy (Laurel Dewey’s) work. Revelations would make a great book club choice and a great addition to your library.” — Tic Toc Reviews

“You find yourself absorbed in the characters personalities as well as a most enticing story line... If you’re seeking a story that will keep you hanging on the edge and more importantly, a mystery you won’t figure out half way through the story, then this work of fiction will not disappoint.” — Meaningful Writings

“I enjoyed this book very much. This is the second Jane Perry book that I've read and I believe Jane is very tough but humanly flawed. You begin to care about Laurel Dewey's characters and rooting for them throughout the story.” — Emeraldfire’s Bookmark

“I thought Jane was a very strong protagonist, witty and determined, she is one of the better liked characters I have read in a while... I would definitely recommend it for your mystery club book.” — One Day At A Time

“If you like to hunker down with a great mystery book, then you won’t want to miss this one!” — Wakela Runen’s World

“Jane Perry is one of many characters that resonate with a reader.” — Bri Clark



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